Ant Lion Care

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You are about to embark on a most interesting and educational journey.
Here are some easy care instructions to help you get the most enjoyment from your ant lions.

1. Prepare the ant lion’s habitat

Place the sand into your ant lion habitat.
If you are making your own habitat make sure your sand (you can also use sugar) is about two inches deep. For optimal placement, make sure each ant lion has about two square inches of space.

2. Crack open your ant lion containers.

Inside you will find your ant lions in sand. At this time you are more than welcome to put them in the palm of your hand. They will not bite, but will try to scurry about so be careful.

3. When you are ready, place the ant lions into their new home.

You might want to make sure they are spread out evenly.

4. Watch as your new pets scurry about and see why they are sometimes called doodlebugs.

If your ant lions don’t immediately start making their pits, don’t worry. Give them a couple of days to get settled in.
Tip: If your Ant Lions are motionless, they might be playing dead. Breathing hot air on them usually gets them going.

5. Every few days or so, count the number of pits you see and drop in the same number of ants into the habitat. THEN WATCH THE SHOW. To simulate rain, every week or so slightly mist their sand with water.

Most people feed their ant lions with ants and small insects living around outside their homes. However, during the winter months, ants and other small insects might be harder to find. In these times, you can feed your antlions pinhead crickets or feeder fruit flies. Your local pet store might have them or you can buy them online at Flucker’s. I would recommend the fruit flies. They are easy to keep and very inexpensive.

It’s that easy!

Remember that the ant lions you have are in their larval stage. At some point, they will cocoon themselves in the sand and emerge as a winged adult ant lion. For information about what to do then please visit our FAQ section on the site.

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If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to call or email us.

We enjoyed having these little guys with us. We hope you give them a good home, and that they provide you and your kids many hours of education and entertainment.